Mason Goodnight Award

In honor and memory of Mason Goodnight for Attitude, Leadership, and Sportsmanship
Mason Goodnight Award Nomination Form

The Mason Goodnight Award is given to one BG East minor leaguer and major leaguer each season. The award is named in honor and memory of Mason Goodnight, who exemplified the qualities of attitude, leadership, and sportsmanship. He epitomized the type of well-rounded player and individual that Little League Baseball stands for, and Bowling Green East Little League is proud to create this award in his memory after his sudden death as a member of BG East Little League in 2017. This annual award honors his legacy and perpetuates qualities Mason characterized on and off the field.

To be considered for the honor, a player must display a good attitude, demonstrate leadership abilities, show good sportsmanship, respect decisions of coaches and officials, win without boasting, lose without excuses, and possess strong moral character.

This award is not necessarily designed for the player who has the best ERA, most home runs, or most
stolen bases. It is for the player who demonstrates athletic ability, but also the life attributes BG East is trying to instill in our youth. Some of the examples that may characterize the type of players who should
be considered as recipients of this prestigious award include:

  • The way players treat teammates, coaches, umpires, parents, and even players from other teams
    with respect.
  • How a player demonstrates leadership ability with his team by encouraging and supporting others
  • The way a player represents himself and the league with pride.
  • If the player flies out to a kid, he/she is the first one to give him a high-five and tell him “great catch.” If the player strikes out a kid, he’s the first one to tell him, ‘Hey, come back and get me
    next time.’ If another player on their team strikes out, they encourage them for the next at bat or if
    someone misses a ground ball he provides support to keep their head up for the next one.
  • He plays whatever position the coach indicates is best for the team, bats any position in the lineup that align with the needs of the team, and is conscious of the fact the game is played for the team
    and not the individual.
  • He/she demonstrates all season long the characteristics of attitude, leadership, and sportsmanship that clearly define the Mason Goodnight Award winner.”

Each manager may not nominate one player from his/her team to receive the Mason Goodnight Award
along with a paragraph stating the reasons for the nomination. The recipients will be announced at the end of year banquet each year, and a trophy will be presented to the award winner. A list of recipients will also be placed on the Bowling Green East Little League website. All past recipients will be invited each year to the announcement of the award winner to welcome the newest member to this prestigious group.